Does balance of power have a place in a kinky relationship? In our opinion, yes. We talk about that a bit and decide that my new name is Maverick. 

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Compliments! What makes for a good compliment? What should you desperately avoid? Pro podcasting tip: it's a good idea to hit record. 

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Other World Kingdom. Yes it does (or at least did) exist and in this episode we chat with Super Toy about his experiences there. We also explore the idea that sometimes it's important to be adventurous and throw caution to the wind. 

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In this episode we talk about how you can set up a feminization scene: activities you can do and headspaces you might find yourself in. 

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In this episode we speak about "emotional labor" - the expectation that, generally speaking, women are frequently expected to be responsible for the emotional health of the relationship. If you are interested in reading the background article mentioned in the podcast, here it is:

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If you are new to kink, how do you figure things out? How do you learn about what you want? How do you go about meeting people? We get this kind of question all the time, so in this podcast we have a quick chat about what to do and what not to do.

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We chat about a typical day in our household: how we live out our power exchange, make poly work and generally get practical yet incredibly important stuff done - like breakfast. 

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This episode is about male appearance and what dommes look for. We discuss physique, manner, etiquette, body language and even mansmetics.

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Expectations, great or otherwise, form part of any relationship. In this episode we talk about the kinds of expectations you might encounter in a D/s relationships and offer some ideas on how to approach them.

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Just a quick update on our big upcoming European vacation! To our British, French, Swiss and Dutch listeners - we'd love to meet you!

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