In this episode we raid our kink cabinet and tell you all about the weird and wonderful goodies that lurk inside.


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Continuing our trend of long, deep and meaningful conversations, this conversation between AlphaDomme, MissRose, Mistress Hilda and beta_boy is an in-depth look into the guiding principles we have established in making a kinky, polyamorous relationship work.

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In episode 4 (three years ago now!) we published an episode called "The Big Talk". We were actually pretty uncomfortable about releasing it at the time, because we felt it revealed a lot of the kink and relationship issues we were struggling with. Then we realized that this is the whole point of hosting a podcast so we went ahead. It remains one of our most popular episodes.

In episode 42 we decided it was high time to do a follow up episode which predictably enough we decided to title "The Bigger Talk". In it we take some time to pat ourselves on the back at how far we've come and we compare notes on the ways in which our relationship has shifted between episode 4 and now.

I also decided to leave in the bit where we go and check on soup, because if we have learned anything, big moments are often made up of little ones. Also it was REALLY good soup.

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Sometimes you just want to cozy up with your kinky friends and loved ones and spend a wholesome hour or two playing a board game. This is especially true when it's cold and wintry outside. In this episode (after I get zapped a few times) we talk about some of our favorite board games and why we love them.

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What does it mean to take a risk? As kinksters, many of us engage in activities that carry some element of hazard, both physical and emotional. What is a sensible way to manage these risks?

In this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Regina-, one of our most active supporters and contributors. Thanks Regina for a great conversation!

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In this episode we have a chat about polyamory. We start off with a conversation about the highlights so far, along with some of the more tricky challenges we've faced. We then turn to next steps and have an (at times weirdly heated) discussion about a poly personals ad we plan to put out on Fetlife, much of the debate centering on whether it's ok to be greedy. Spoilers alert: It is OK. Greed is good. Glad we settled that.

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And we're back with our first episode of 2015! Thanks so much everyone for bearing with us. In this episode, AlphaDomme, Miss Rose and Beta Boy have a relaxed living room chat about entry level kink: what kinds of play you can do if you're starting out and a bit unsure of where to begin.

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AlphaDomme and Betaboy discuss some listener feedback, shamelessly plug some of their stuffs and generally discuss the way their relationship works. If you haven't done so already, please subscribe to our podcast in Itunes or in any other RSS reader that floats your boat. You can find our Itunes feed here.


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We have a special announcement to make. The Men Submit podcast is leveling up! A name change is imminent and a number of new cool features are in the pipeline. And if all that isn’t excitement enough, betaboy gets his testicles repeatedly zapped with a dog collar.

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Roles can be confusing in kink. You got your kajiras, your slaves, your tops, your bottoms, your pets, your toys your masters and mistresses and kinksters – to name but a few. In this episode we take a quick walk through the vast array of commonly used roles in the world of kink and offer our opinions on what they mean. If you are a newb to kink this episode is for you.

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